TCI Internet Service
Alamogordo and Surrounding Areas

Wireless broadband from Tularosa Communications, Inc. is currently available in the following areas: Alamogordo, La Luz, Laborcita Canyon, and the greater Alamogordo areas including Boles Acres and Dog Canyon. TCI's wireless high-speed internet service offers download speeds of up to 3.0 Megabits. Some limitations exist with delivery of this service due to the fact that delivery of the wireless signal is a "line-of-sight" connection and can be blocked by obstructions such as trees and buildings.

Data transmitted over these radio waves is encrypted to help ensure the privacy of the data transmitted.

Tularosa Communications, Inc. can determine if your location is suitable for a wireless broadband connection free of charge when requesting service from TCI. If location is service capable, it will be installed immediately. Typically, it takes 1 to 3 days to schedule a service install or location qualify.

Vector Wireless Service will be installed wherever possible; Air Runner Service is the alternate wireless internet solution.

Vector Service Offerings Speeds Monthly Rates
  Vector 3   3.0 Megabits/384 Kilobits $55.99
  Vector 2   1.5 Megabits/256 Kilobits 45.99
  Vector 1   512 Kilobits/256 Kilobits 35.99
Air Runner Service Offerings Speeds Monthly Rates
  Air Runner IV   1.5 Megabits/1.5 Megabits $126.00
  Air Runner III   768 Kilobits/768 Kilobits 55.99
  Air Runner II   512 Kilobits/512 Kilobits 49.99
  Air Runner I   256 Kilobits/256 Kilobits 43.99
(NOTE: Rates include Wireless Radio rental but DO NOT include taxes or surcharges.)

24/7 Tech Support

TCI proudly supports its internet service with 24 hour, 7 days a week technical assistance.

Just call TODAY to speak with a freindly and knowledgable technical assistance to get your questions answered!

24/7 Technical Assistance - Call 439-0200



Other Charges
Service Description 1 Year Agreement 6 Month Agreement
Month-to-Month Arrangement
Wireless Internet Installation $00 $99.00
Wireless Radio Rental
Up to $6.00 per mo
Downgrade Charge $20.00 per request
(NOTE: Other Charges Rates do not include taxes or surcharges.)


       TBTC telephone customers experience faster TCI Internet speeds! Offering customized Internet speeds up to 50 Megabits.      


"TBTC & TCI are Keeping You Connected locally by offering telecommunication expertise for telephone, fiber-to-the-premise, high speed internet, long distance and cellular services."

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