• We’ve recently updated our Terms and Conditions to include FCC required disclosures resulting from the recent Restoring Internet Freedom Order.  One highlight from the revision: “For traffic to and from the public Internet, TCI does not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, […]

  • Tularosa Communications is announcing plans to bring gigabit Internet services into the Cottonwood Subdivision in Alamogordo. “We are excited about bringing high speed fiber-optic Internet connections to residents in the Wood Streets,” said Josh Beug, General Manager. “We will be passing approximately 175 homes in the neighborhood. Tularosa Communications currently offers these services to businesses […]

  • As PC manufacturers harden their systems from viruses and exploits, hackers find new avenues to spread the malware that does their bidding. While your computer may not be threatened, your conduit to the Internet itself is under attack. Malicious hackers find consumer-grade routers to be the low-hanging fruit from which they survive. Cisco’s intelligence division […]