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Tularosa Basin Telephone Company (“TBTC”) was established in 1996 after US West decided to sell off six exchanges throughout the state of New Mexico. Carrizozo, Cloudcroft and Tularosa were among those exchanges. Four telephone companies banded together to found TBTC. The four companies are: Dell City Telephone Cooperative of Dell City, Texas; Roosevelt County Cooperative of Portales, New Mexico; Ponderosa Telephone Inc. of O’Neals, California and Wagner Telecommunications of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Original home of TBTC: 402 Higuera Street, Tularosa, NM
Original home of TBTC:
402 Higuera Street, Tularosa, NM

TBTC humbly started operations out of a refurbished triple-wide temporary manufactured building. In July 1997, TBTC purchased one of Tularosa’s most colorful historical buildings: the Trails End Bar/Saddlery located at 503 St. Francis Drive which became our permanent home. Through the years TBTC has undergone many changes and has managed to preserve the historical landmark of the corporate offices to the pleasure of many local historians.

TBTC Corporate Offices: 503 St Francis Dr, Tularosa, NM
TBTC Corporate Offices:
503 St Francis Dr, Tularosa, NM

In 2008, the corporate offices again underwent renovations and upon completion in 2009; received the Eugene Manlove Rhodes Award for Historic Preservation and Architecture for maintaining the architectural style of the Village of Tularosa presented by the Organizing Committee of the Tularosa Basin Conference. The award is very important to TBTC and symbolizes its partnership to the community where its employees live, work and thrive; ultimately working together to make our community a better place to live.

Advanced technologies have helped TBTC provide the same services to our customers that are normally reserved for metropolitan companies. This advancement is evidenced in another landmark for TBTC – the establishment of its subsidiary, Tularosa Communications, Inc. (“TCI”) in May 2000 where it provides internet services to over 3,000 customers throughout the Tularosa Basin today. TBTC/TCI continues to bring cutting edge technology to its rural customers through replacement of its traditional copper line infrastructure to the new communication-savvy fiber-optic infrastructure with quality local customer service.