ANNOUNCING 2018 New Gigabit Fiber-Optic Internet Connection in Alamogordo

Tularosa Communications is announcing plans to bring gigabit Internet services into the Cottonwood Subdivision in Alamogordo.

“We are excited about bringing high speed fiber-optic Internet connections to residents in the Wood Streets,” said Josh Beug, General Manager. “We will be passing approximately 175 homes in the neighborhood. Tularosa Communications currently offers these services to businesses in Alamogordo and a couple of scattered residential neighborhoods as well. Today, more and more homes are in need of reliable and fast Internet at home as everything seems to be connected to the digital world.”

Beug added, “We understand how important access to technology is for residents in the community. We are proud to now be a part of Alamogordo and look forward to continuing our local investment in fiber-optic Internet technologies. The Cottonwood Subdivision is only the beginning of our fiber deployment.”

Residents of this area and other areas located within Alamogordo are invited to contact Tularosa Communications at any time for information about construction taking place in their neighborhood; or they can look for updates by mail and in the newspaper. You can also visit and express interest in us bringing fiber to your neighborhood. “Once enough interest has been expressed in an area Tularosa Communications will evaluate it for construction purposes and determine whether or not to build and bring high speed Internet services to that particular neighborhood”, says Beug.

• 100x faster than today’s average broadband connection
• Download 100 photos in 3 seconds
• Download 100 songs in 3 seconds
• Download an HD Movie in 7 seconds

Beug states, “There are two different speeds and pricing options available to residential customers. We sell our 100M/100M for $49.95 and our 1G/1G for $69.99. We also offer a variety of other services as well; including voice services, managed routers, anti-virus protection and IT services”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not a current customer, now is a good time to consider becoming one. Not only does a fiber-optic connection provide fast Internet and great streaming capabilities, it also increases the value of your home (adds measurable resale dollars). Buyers today will often opt to purchase a residence with a fast Internet connection, so getting your fiber-optic connection now may increase your home’s resale value by up to 5%. Contact us today at 575-585-2700.