Broadband Internet

Tularosa Communications Inc. deploys DSL, Fiber, and Wireless technologies to deliver high-speed broadband Internet service to customers throughout the Tularosa Basin and neighboring mountain communities.

TCI’s fiber optic infrastructure connects Carrizozo, Tularosa, Cloudcroft, High Rolls, and Alamogordo to the Internet at the speed of light while eliminating environmental interference.

TCI serves some residential areas in Carrizozo, Tularosa, Cloudcroft, and High Rolls with fiber directly to the home. Fiber to the home Internet service is capable of delivering speeds beyond expectations. Fiber customers can combine high-speed Internet service with unlimited local calling with one of our Internet Bundles.

TCI DSL service is available to customers in Carrizozo, Tularosa, Cloudcroft, and High Rolls that are not serviced directly by fiber. TCI’s DSL service offers speeds up to 15 Meg download, 1 Meg upload.

TCI delivers broadband Internet service in Alamogordo, Boles Acres, Dog Canyon, La Luz and Laborcita Canyon via high-speed wireless. TCI’s wireless service is capable of speeds up to 10 Meg download, 1 Meg upload, depending on location, distance, and terrain.

TCI is exploring delivering fiber Internet service in some areas in Alamogordo. Visit our Fiber Buildout page to see if your address qualifies.

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