Long Distance

Tularosa Basin Telephone offers domestic long distance calling plans that fit the needs of most families and individuals.

TBTC Long Distance Block Plans range from 100 minutes up to unlimited nationwide calling. With affordable monthly rates, and low overage fees, Block Plans are designed for those that want to keep in touch with family and friends throughout the U.S.

TBTC Long Distance Freedom Plans are designed for those that don’t have the need for frequent long distance calling. Freedom Plans start with lower monthly rates than Block Plans and offer affordable per-minute charges.

For residents of our Cloudcroft and Carrizozo communities, TBTC offers low per-minute rate Neighborhood Plans with no monthly fees. Neighborhood plans are designed to connect our more remote communities with nearby neighboring communities that are not within TBTC’s exchange.

For questions about TBTC’s long distance plans, or to sign up, contact customer service today:

or toll free: