The Glass Age

Glass has played an important role in the evolution of technology, and with an ever-increasing number of applications, advancements in glass technology are constantly occurring. Arising from simple, liquified silica sand, glass has come a long way since its first known use in making beads and vessels in ancient times. Now, glass can be made to be flexible, virtually indestructible, and to carry Petabits (1,000,000,000,000,000 bits) per second of digital information around the world at the speed of light.

Here at TBTC/TCI, we make extensive use of glass fiber to deliver fast, reliable Internet and telephone service throughout our coverage area. From Alamogordo, to Carrizozo, Cloudcroft, and beyond, TBTC/TCI has over 374 miles of glass fiber in use, and we are continuously adding more.

The following video shows a bit of the history of glass, and has an example of how glass fiber works:

This video, part 2 of the previous video, demonstrates new applications for stronger, more flexible glass, from cell phone screens to car windshields: